• €6.68 mil.
    expended on CSR actions (Greece and abroad)

  • 1,750 οfamilies enrolled in Social Grocery
    store programs are supported on a monthly basis

  • 533 employees reside in areas near our facilities
    near Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki

  • 139 schools and 23,000 children received
    free heating oil in Thriasio & Western Thessaloniki



Our cooperation with both the broader society and the neighbouring to our industrial facilities communities is ongoing, multi-faceted and substantial.

The initiatives undertaken by the Group are linked to the needs of each region and are formed through open dialogue with our stakeholders, researching and identifying material topics, public opinion surveys, public debates and consultations.

In recent years, we collaborate closely with an extended circle of stakeholders working towards common goals. Supporting youth is always at the epicentre of our programs thus we provide talented young people higher education scholarships, both in Greece and abroad. We also support actions and initiatives that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and create job opportunities for young professionals.

In 2018, within the context of our corporate social responsibility program, we supported disaster-stricken areas affected by extreme weather events, floods and fires (Municipalities of Mandra-Idylia, Megareon, Rafina, etc.) and social groups facing financial difficulties because of the natural disaster emergencies.

Investments in CSR Actions in Greece and abroad

Greece € 5,949,841
Local Society (Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki) € 2,231,951
Broader Society € 3,717,890
Abroad € 736,848
Βulgaria € 173,763
Cyprus € 129,862
Montenegro € 139,057
North Macedonia € 110,595
 Serbia € 183,571
Total € 6,686,689

Through its 360° integrated Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, the Group’s contribution and responsible attitude towards the community followed the following four main pillars:

  • Society (Vulnerable Social Groups & Health)
  • Youth
  • Environment & Sustainable Cities
  • Culture & Sports

In 2018, the Group’s brand name was enhanced by creating the above main pillars, which are directly linked to the Group’s sustainable development strategy.

Actions for the Society

In solidarity with those affected by natural disasters

From the very first moment, the Group’s employees and management provided support to the flood and fire victims of the municipalities of Mandra-Idylia, Megareon and Rafina by volunteering and undertaking rebuilding initiatives. To meet the initial needs, cars, fuels, food, water and bedding were donated as well as asphalt, fuel for tree cutting and garbage bins. The Group also covered the costs for the aerial photography needed for the burned areas so that aid could be more effectively offered to those affected. Studies related to the reconstruction of the Special School of the Municipality of Rafina have already been carried out, while the reconstruction of the Melina Merkouri Theater in the Municipality of Mandra-Idylia was completed.

  • Heating oil donation: To 139 schools and 23,000 children in the adjacent to our industrial facilities municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki, as well as NGOs, foundations and institutions whose focus is on protecting the socially vulnerable groups (more than 620,000 liters of heating and diesel fuel).
  • Support for people with disabilities: Enhancing and extending programs supporting Special Schools as well as NGOs, such as ELEPAP, Alkioni, The Lighthouse, Association for the Blind “Louis Braille” etc.), PASKA [Sports Activities for the Disabled], Margarita Vocational Training Centre, PEK-AMEA [Training Centre] etc.
  • Monthly support for Social Groceries Programs: The Group demonstrated concrete and practical solidarity withthe weakest members of society, supporting 1,750 families residing in our neighboring municipalities on a monthly basis as well as providing supermarket vouchers.Preventive program for the trafficking of unaccompanied immigrant children in Chios, Roma inclusion programs in cooperation with the Greek Orthodox Church and intervention programs for the transition of ex-offenders from prison to the community in cooperation with the NGO “Epanodos”.
  • Summer child care programs: Creative activities during the summer months provided for children with disabilities and the children of families in need in our neighboring municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki in cooperation with NGO “ELIX” and with the American Farm School of Thessaloniki (644 children were involved).
  • Kentro Agapis Elefsina “Filiki Foilia”: Car donation to meet everyday needs and support the NGO’s educational program.
  • Preventive medical examinations to isolated communities: More than 1,500 residents (children and adults) on the remote islands of Tilos, Symi and Chalki were screened by a group of volunteer doctors and nurses from the NGO“Anoihti Agkalia”.
  • Donation of medical equipment: To hospitals, clinics as well as humanitarian and medical organizations (General Hospital of Athens “ELPIS”, General Hospital of Athens, General Hospital of Elefsina “Thriasio”, Agios Savvas Regional Cancer Hospital, Hellenic Foundation for Health etc).

Actions For Youth

Supporting education – STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

The Group promotes STEM education by supporting robotics and mathematical studies as well as by creating advanced science laboratories, which contribute to the improvement of the learning process, provide stimulation to the students and increase their awareness and interest in science phenomena. More specifically, in 2018, 23 schools in our adjacent municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki were equipped with scientific and electronic equipment. 17 schools in collaboration with the Bodossakis Foundation were also provided with equipment in Kefallonia and the prefectures of Rhodopi, Thesprotia and Preveza. The Group also supported the “1st Summer School” (Pan-Hellenic Union of Laboratory Science Centers); The 24 students who participated and were already distinguished in the Pan-Hellenic Student Experimental Competition, practiced Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology experiments at the Group’s Industrial Facilities in Aspropyrgos and at NCSR “Demokritos”. Lastly, the Group supported the participation of the 3rd Experimental Primary School of Evosmos at the Greek FLL Robotics Competition, with equipment for the construction of an autonomous robot.

Echedoros 4th High School (Delta Municipality) Modern Science Laboratory
  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad: Scholarships offered to outstanding students from all over Greece for postgraduate studies at internationally recognized universities abroad with specializations in the fields of Engineering & Energy, Economics & Management and Sciences. The program was implemented for the 6th consecutive year; 52 scholarships have been awarded so far.
  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies in Greece: Collaborations with Greek Universities in regards to postgraduate studies (University of Piraeus, Technical University of Crete, Athens University of Economics and Business, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Democritus University of Thrace, etc.). To date, 45 scholarships have been awarded.
  • Internship Jobs: Job Opportunities within the Group for University/Technical College Graduates and outstanding graduates.
  • Awards given to newly enrolled students at Universities and Technical Colleges: Rewarding students residing in our neighboring Municipalities of Thriasio and Western Thessaloniki for their admissiong to higher education. The program is in its 11th year and to date 3,248 students have been awarded.
  • “Youth4GlobalGoals” Program: Collaboration with AIESEC Greece – to disseminate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through awareness raising campaigns that reached more than 50,000 young people, training programs for more than 1,500 students, and 30 scholarships awarded to young people for enjoying a great cross-cultural experience, gaining personal development and impacting the world by volunteering for 2 months abroad and in Greece contributing towards the SDGs
  • Innovation-Entrepreneurship: Support provided to the Start Up Now Forum in Elefsina and the “Virtual Business” program (the Youth Entrepreneurship Association), during which the 1st Vocational Lyceum of ASPROPYRGOS was awarded the Best Business Award.
  • Educational equipment for schools and libraries: Donations of books, desktop and laptop computers, projectors, porcelain marker boards and air conditioning units to schools as well as the donation of books to libraries.
  • Supporting student competitions and vocational guidance programs: Painting Competition held by the Museum of Cycladic Art, the 24th Student Competition and BEST, as well as career guidance institutions such as Career Days, TEDx Academy, Online mentoring “The Tipping Point”.
  • “Small Traffic Police in Action”: 22,600 primary school pupils received awareness training from the Traffic Police of Thessaloniki concerning reducing road accidents and improving road safety.
  • Educational Tours to the Group’s Industrial Facilities: In 2018, 4,738 school pupils and students were given guided tours of the Aspropyrgos, Elefsina and Thessaloniki industrial facilities.

Actions for the Environment

For 6 years «Energy for Life… Travels» in remote destinations

“Energy for Life Travels” is an environmental awareness program which calls on remote destinations in Greece by raising ecological awareness for students and local communities. The program is active since 2013, is executed in collaboration with the non profit organization “AGONI GRAMMI GONIMI” and it aims to educate people for matters concerning the environment, the proper management of natural resources, energy saving and the protection of flora and fauna. With the collaboration of NGOs, museums, cultural and environmental groups, institutes and institutions, it has traveled to a total of 54 destinations, implementing 312 workshops at 6,660 students. In 2018, the program reached 2,999 students in 11 remote areas, and in addition to the educational courses, heating oil was donated to 4 schools, medical equipment was offered to the Health Centers of Kefalonia and Ithaca and photovoltaics were installed on the roof of Heraklia’s School.

Installation of photovoltaic system on the roof of Heraklia’s high school
  • Infrastructure works in neighboring Municipalities: Road paving (Municipalities of Elefsina and Megareon), bus stops (Municipality of Aspropyrgos), reconstruction of 2 playgrounds and a basketball court (Delta Municipality)
  • Fuel donation – fire protection and environmental measurement purposes: Fuel donation to the fire brigade vehicles belonging to voluntary organizations, adjacent to our industrial facilities municipalities, the Hellenic Rescue Team and Environmental Research Centers.
  • Cleaning of the Thermaic Gulf and deforestation works in the Municipality of Elefsina.
  • Enforcement bodies: Infrastructure enhancement and fuel Donation (Fire Brigade, Greek Police, Port Authorities, Customs).
  • Photovoltaic systems: Maintenance of 9 PV systems installed in schools.
  • Recycling initiatives: Supporting the Pan-Hellenic Recycling Educational Competition attended by secondary schools and sports academies.
  • Air pollution meters: Maintenance of atmospheric pollution meters installed in the Group’s neighbouring municipalities.

Actions for Culture & Sports

We support culture with all our energy

For many years, the Group has supported cultural initiatives:  In collaboration with Alternative Stage of the National Opera (operatic shadow theater and children’s performance “the Emperor’s Nightingale”), the National Theatre (“Plutus” and “Tonight we improvise”) and the Athens and Thessaloniki Concert Halls (church organ performances, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, etc) in 2018, 1,480 children and young people from our neighboring municipalities and more than 1,850 employees with their families had the opportunity to visit modern art and cultural venues, fall in love with culture in an experiential way, travel with their imagination, and learn new skills and develop their talents.

Snapshot from the National Opera’s Show (Alternative Stage) “The Emperor’s Nightingale”
  • Infrastructure – cultural venues: Financing the reconstruction of the REX theatre’s ground-floor and the National Theatre’s Children’s and Adolescent Theatres.
  • Educational workshops for music, narration and choral education: With the participation of 42 people over 65 years of age, residents of the island of Tinos, Mykonos and Santorini. In collaboration with the National Opera and “AGONI GRAMMI GONIMI”.
  • Museum guided tours program: Supporting temporary exhibitions and initiatives at the National Archaeological Museum, the “Goulandris” Natural History Museum, the Museum of Cycladic Art and the Benaki Museum, as well as covering expenses for 500 students from 9 schools from our neighboring Municipalities and 700 employees with their families, with the objective of protecting and raising awareness about monuments and art through guided tours.
  • Cultural events in neighboring Municipalities: Systematic support of cultural events (Elefsina – Aeschylia, Aspropyrgos – Thriasia, summer events in Mandra-Idylia, Kordelio-Evosmos, Delta).
  • Covering architectural survey costs: Architectural Study for the Maria Callas Opera Art Foundation as well as structural and architectural study for buildings in the Municipality of Elefsina – European Cultural Capital 2021.
  • Supporting historical studies: Financing historical documentaries and journals as well as initiatives supporting the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution.
  • Supporting cultural events: Supporting events such as the Nafpaktos International Choral Festival and other festivals in the municipalities of Nafplion, Corfu, Vovousa, Dodoni etc.
  • Sponsoring the Second Mediterranean Beach Games: Supporting the city of Patras for the organization of the Games in
  • Supporting sports clubs and associations in neighboring municipalities: Panelefsiniakos, Mandraikos, Aias Evosmos, Vyzas Megara, Elefsina etc
  • Outstanding athletes: Sponsoring the preparation of athletes for their participation in European and world championships (Konstantinos Filippidis – Pole Vaulter, Grigoris Polychronidis – Paralympic – Boccia player, etc.).
  • Hellenic Paralympic Team: Participation of athletes in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.
  • “We Run for Good” Program: 212 Group employees participated in the Athens and Thessaloniki marathons. For every kilometer run by the runners, the Group offered 10 Euros/Kilometer to an NGO. Approximately €30,000 was gathered and were donated at the “LifeLineHellas” and “Orama Zois” NGOs.
  • Sponsorship of athletic portable pharmacies: In amateur soccer clubs in Central Macedonia.

Local Communities

In the local communities where we do business, we are always in open dialogue and recognise the important issues for each individual region. We apply sound practices for all social groups, support the local economy and local suppliers, as well as offer jobs and opportunities to young people.

Currently, over 406 permanent employees reside in nearby municipalities in the region of Thriasio while 127 permanent employees reside in the Western Thessaloniki area.

Over €3 million are paid each year in municipal taxes, while the local economies benefit from our purchases of products and services from local businesses.

Purchases from local suppliers amount to 15.5% for HELLENIC PETROLEUM and DIAXON (industrial companies) and to 96% for our marketing companies (excluding costs such as purchases, transportation and storage of raw materials and intermediates, water, energy and telephony payments, intra-group transactions and payments to public funds, insurance funds and insurance companies). For the definition of a local supplier, see index 204-1 here.

Purchases from local suppliers (based on suppliers from neighbouring areas) - HELPE and DIAXON

Suppliers Payments Number of suppliers
Value (€’000) Value (%) Number %
Thriassio, neighbouring municipalities 27,810 10.6% 154 4.8%
W.Thessaloniki, neighbouring municipalities 12,612 4.8% 193 6.1%
Total – Local Suppliers 40,413 15.5% 347 10.9%
Rest of Suppliers 220,369 84.5% 2,836 89.1%
Total 260,782 100.0% 3,183 100.0%

Buying locally (based on the domestic market and imports) - HELPE and DIAXON

Suppliers Payments Number of suppliers
Value (€’000) Value (%) Number %
Imports 94,245 36% 739 24%
Domestic market 166,536 64% 2,444 76%
Total 260,782 100% 3,183 100%

Buying locally (based on domestic market/imports) – marketing companies

Payments (€’000) Number of suppliers
Total Local Total Local
ΕΚΟ 99,784 97,002 2,546 2,491
EKO BULGARIA 52,534 51,806 535 501
HP CYPRUS 21,247 18,245 614 561
OKTA 3,568 3,157 443 387
EKO SERBIA 16,310 15,980 488 473
JUGOPETROL 18,880 16,976 570 502
Total 212,323 203,166 5,196 4,915
Local suppliers % 96% 95%


Best Practices Abroad

In 2018, total expenditure on overseas social responsibility initiatives amounted to approx. €735,848. Out of the large number of social responsibility initiatives the group supports, we list below some important activities by country, indicating the range of our commitment.

North Macedonia

  • Financial support and donations provided to institutions, organizations and initiatives such as the Ilinden Municipality (tree-planting by OKTA employees), the Mental Health Institute for Children and Adolescents (supporting a series of digital articulatory speech therapy sessions), the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering (donating photovoltaics), and World Hunger Day campaign (OKTA employees – blood donation).
  • Subsidies for organising cultural and sports events and educational activities (Ohrid Summer Festival, Skopje Jazz Festival, National Basketball Federation, Youth Association YMCA-Bitola).
  • Ten scholarships for post-graduate studies were awarded to students from six faculties at the St Kiril and Methodius University and 2 scholarships for postgraduate studies at Greek universities.


  • “EKOSafeRider” roadsafetytrainingprogram(partofthe “City’sA.R.T.” roadaccident prevention initiative).
  • Financial support and donations provided to organizations such as the ELPIDA (Hope) Foundation and sports teams such as National Football Teams.
  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies at Greek Universities.


  • Financial support and donations provided to health and medical care institutions such as the Berane Hospital, the Children’s Hospital, the Bijela Orphanage (children’s camp), as well as supporting vulnerable social groups through a TV program.
  • Financial support provided for cultural, sporting events and conferences (Mini Volleyball Championship for Children, two Economist Forums, Montenegrin Karate Association, Cetinje Municipality Events for Independence Day on 21 May, Greek Embassy cultural event).
  • “Someone is thinking about you” safe driving program at schools in collaboration with the “Pcelice” NGO and the support of the Ministries of Education and Internal Affairs.
  • Scholarships for post-graduate studies at Greek Universities.


  • Financial support and donations provided to organizations such as the Vidrare Orphanage, the International Women’s Club and the construction of an interactive playground in a primary school in Sofia.
  • Sponsorships supporting sports associations and events (Homeless People’s Soccer Team, supporting Martin Choy for his participation in the Bulgarian National and East European Championships and the World Endurance Championships).
  • Road Safety Initiative sponsors of the Motorcycle School to improve motorcyclist driving skills and avoid road accidents and to teach road rules to children.
  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies at Greek Universities.


  • Financial support provided to institutions and organizations to support their charitable and humanitarian work (for the following NGOs: Mali veliki ljudi and Belhospice in the framework of the Marathon held in Belgrade).
  • Financial support provided to cultural and sporting events and organizations (Soccer Association of Serbia, Olympic Committee of Serbia, Kopaonik Mountain Children’s Athletics Camp, Theatre and Opera Music Organization, Guitar Festival).
  • Summer Safe Driving awareness campaign “Drive fresh” in cooperation with the Road Safety Agency.
  • Scholarships for postgraduate studies at Greek Universities.

Our Goals

For the Socially Vulnerable Groups

Strengthen initiatives to eradicate hunger, reduce poverty and fight disease. At the same time, designing and implementing programs that contribute to vulnerable social groups’ autonomy and financial independence.

  • Strengthening the social enterprises especially at local level in regards to developing the local economy and fighting unemployment.
  • Establish training programs for the unemployed aged 35+ enabling them to acquire the digital skills and knowledge required by the ever-changing labour market.
  • Creating programs to support senior citizens as well as the mentally ill.

For Education

Investing in quality education, research and innovation, supporting the younger generation and the educational community.

  • Strengthening educational programs and collaborations with all levels of education, focusing on acquiring the required modern-day skills, such as familiarity with robotics, coding, encouraging innovation and highlighting creative thinking.
  • Strengthening strategic partnerships with Universities and Research Centers for the creation of a modern Research and Innovation Center focusing on energy, in particular cleaner fuels and modern technological methods.
  • Strengthening innovation and youth entrepreneurship and adopting new forms of partnerships, such as with small start-ups that analyze big data and suggest changes concerning the modern commercial fuel network, cyclical economy, digital applications, etc.

For the Environment & Infrastructure

Plan and implement actions to offset carbon dioxide emitted during the refining process, product transportation, petrol stations, etc.

  • Extensive and systematic planting in areas where we operate, in areas affected by natural disasters, etc.
  • Design and implementation of actions to protect the terrestrial and marine ecosystem, biodiversity, etc.
  • Installation of RES in school complexes and institutions, conversion of conventional buildings into green buildings.
  • Development of environmental sensitization programs for pupils and the wider society.
  • Infrastructure projects in local communities with environmental content, reconstruction, recycling, urban waste management, etc.

For Culture & Sports

Participate actively in cultural and athletic activities and programs, contributing to the promotion of our cultural heritage and the values of “fair play”.

  • Supporting art and culture in order to promote our cultural heritage with an emphasis on our areas of activity.
  • Dissemination and exploitation of archaeological sites and museums, creating new business opportunities and designing cultural promotion programs that involve new technologies such as: the digitization of archaeological sites, 3D imaging, artificial intelligence and virtual tours.
  • Active participation in sports events, encouraging and contributing to the development of the athletic ideal and volunteerism.
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