Development &
Corporate Responsibility Report 2018

Message to Stakeholders

Αfter completing the most successful five-year period (2014-2018) in the history of HELPE, the Group - more powerful than ever - implements the vision for Sustainable Development, having an integrated strategic plan that will enable it to maintain the leading position that it occupies in South-east Europe, while contributing to the recovery of the national economy and support for local societies.

The Group at a Glance

The Group (registered headquarters at 8A Chimarras Street, Maroussi) is comprised of 41 companies, including the parent company, which is listed on the Athens and London Stock Exchanges. The Group enjoys a leading position in the domestic market through its subsidiary EKO which is active in the domestic retail market and via LPG, industrial, aviation & bunkering fuels, and lubricants sales.

Economic & Social Impact

Highlights of socio-economic impact study in Greece for 2018 are presented below. Direct impacts relate to the economic activity of HELPE Group, including the company operated petrol stations, indirect impacts relate to the impacts on the supply chain and the partner petrol stations, while induced impacts relate to impacts on the wider economy as a result of the employees’ spending and the spending of the indirectly supported job positions by the Group.


Our association with both the broader society and the local communities that our facilities neighbour is on that is ongoing, multi-faceted and substantial.
The initiatives undertaken by the Group are linked to the needs of each region and concern society, the environment and the local economy. They are formed through open dialogue with our stakeholders, researching and identifying material topics, public opinion surveys, public debates and consultations.