Economic & Social Impact

Economic &
Social Impact

Economic & Social Impact
in Greece (2018)

Total Impact
(Direct, Indirect and Induced)

Total contribution to employment

Highlights of socio-economic impact study in Greece for 2018 are presented below. Direct impacts relate to the economic activity of HELPE Group, including the company operated petrol stations, indirect impacts relate to the impacts on the supply chain and the partner petrol stations, while induced impacts relate to impacts on the wider economy as a result of the employees’ spending and the spending of the indirectly supported job positions by the Group.



Total contribution to GDP and taxes to the State

The tax contribution to the State includes direct taxes paid by the Group, taxes paid by the supply chain as a result of the Group’s purchases from suppliers, excise duty, value added tax (VAT) from the products sale at the company operated and partner petrol stations as well as the taxes related to the supported jobs in the partner petrol stations.

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